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My son accidentally put his foot through his bedroom window, will renters insurance cover that?

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1 Answer

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Accidental damage such as breaking windows, holes in the wall, or accidentally breaking any items connected to the property by the policy owner, or anyone within the home such as your son, is generally not included as an opportunity to file a claim for coverage with a renter’s insurance policy.

The purpose of a renter’s insurance policy is an opportunity for the person insured by the policy to file a claim related to personal injury to someone else, or damage to your personal property. Such as: thief of your personal belongings, damage to your personal belongings from a natural disaster, water damage to your personal belongings related to backup damage from the sewage, personal liability if someone were injured on the property, or fire damage to your personal property. Although, it is always a good idea to specifically read your coverage documents included within your policy in relation to possible additional coverage opportunities, or to call the insurance carrier directly for an explanation of what your policy may or may not cover.
answered Mar 26, 2019 by teddyx (3,370)
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