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Is Allianz a good insurance company?

1 Answer

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Allianz insurance was founded in 1896 as North American Casualty, and is now owned by Munich, Germany-based Allianz SE. The company is primarily represented by independent agents. In addition to a wide variety of term and whole life insurance lines, the company is also one of the largest providers of long-term care insurance in the nation.

Financial Rating
The Allianz Insurance company is rated A (excellent) by A.M. Best, and has a rating of AA- (very strong) by Standard & Poor's. While both ratings indicate that there is substantial room for improvement, it should be noted that many companies of this type suffered downgrades during the initial recession bust of 2008.

Customer Satisfaction
With a 25% extremely satisfied ranking in online customer surveys, Allianz has one of the highest ratings in the industry. Since it is more common for unhappy customer to respond than happy ones, a number as high as 25% indicates an exceptionally well-liked company with customers who are happy enough to want others to know about the experience.

Allianz Reviews Company Availability
Allianz Insurance is available nationwide, including Washington DC. Being represented primarily by brokers and independent agents means that the company is highly accessible for anyone seeking life or health insurance from a reputable company. From the customer standpoint, independent agents are typically more interested in their customer's needs than dedicated agents, further enhancing the company's position.

The Bottom Line
The Allianz Insurance Company is well-established and highly respected both inside the industry and with their customers. Those seeking insurance can rest assured that Allianz will be around for the foreseeable future. Investors may require additional research before committing large amounts of capital, but all current indicators report that the company is a stable place to make long-term investments.

answered Oct 14, 2011 by anonymous
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