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Renters Insurance for People with Bad Credit

Even if your credit is less than perfect, renters insurance is going to be an important item to have. The best solution is to find out why your credit score is low and take the steps necessary to bring it up. In the meantime, you can expect to get higher rates for when requesting renters insurance quotes, but there are also some discounts that may save you money now and make your premiums even more affordable after your credit is repaired. The Importance of Renters Insurance You may not realize how important renters insurance can be for you, with or without bad credit. If you do not have renters insurance and your home is destroyed or burglarized, you would have to replace everything out of your own pocket. Similarly, any damage you cause to someone else or their property would be your sole responsibility to pay for. With good credit, getting caught without renters insurance would be an inconvenience, as you could simply put a lot of the property you have to replace on your various credit lines. Without good credit, replacing stolen or damaged property could amount to more than you are able to pay. Credit Scores and Insurance Premiums Rather than pulling your credit history and going through it line by line, the financial industry has developed credit scores which break the sum total of your credit report into an easy to understand numerical index that provides a standard that works for all financial transactions. The higher your credit score, the lower your premiums will be, and vice versa. Shopping for High Risk Coverage Just because your credit limits the choices for renters insurance coverage, you still have the option of shopping for the best prices available. The best place to start is probably online, getting free renters insurance quotes from a website that provides cost comparisons between a number of similar companies. Adjust Your Deductible One way to lower your premiums is to raise your deductibles. The key to raising your deductible, though, is to be careful not to set it too high for you to be able to pay out of pocket at a moment's notice. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums, but insurance companies will require you to pay the deductible before they settle a claim. About the Author: is a writer for US Insurance Agents. She works hard to help provide a fresh perpsective to insurance, personal finance and related topics.