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How to Keep Your Health Insurance When Moving to Another State

When the new health care reform laws go into effect in 2014, it will not make much difference what state you move to for your health insurance coverage because all insurance companies will be required to accept applicants regardless of any preexisting conditions they may have. Until then, moving to another state when you have a preexisting condition can be a difficult decision and there may not be any acceptable solutions outside of settling for government-sponsored Medicaid.Some health insurance providers provide coverage nationwide. If you are going to be moving around fairly often, it may be in your best interest to find a company that can travel with you. Because insurance is regulated at the state level, even this may not be sufficient in all regions, but it will work in most of the country.Some states have high-risk insurance pools in place to help those who cannot get health insurance through traditional methods. Contact the department of insurance in the state you are planning to move to and ask them about high-risk coverage for your situation. In some cases, if you are moving from a place where you had health insurance and you qualify for the high risk pool, the initial waiting period can be negated or shortened so that you are able to get the coverage faster.By 2014, all health insurance companies will be required by law to accept applicants without regard to past or current medical conditions. It is not much benefit to someone who is moving tomorrow, but rest assured that there is help on the horizon.Medicaid is a federal health insurance program intended to help people who cannot afford regular health insurance. Medicaid may not be able to help you if your income is too high, but if there are no other options available you can probably get coverage during the interim period before health care reform has become mandatory.Photo by Meathead Movers