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How to Get the Most from Progressive's Snapshot Discount

Auto insurance companies offer a number of different plans to get you as a customer and to keep you happy once you are one. The Snapshot plan, from Progressive Insurance, is one such plan, offering a benefit package to established customers that are not available to customers of other companies, or even to other Progressive customers who do not meet the specific requirements. Here is how you can make the most of the Snapshot plan, handy advice that will ultimately save you money on your car insurance and other coverage which includes liability insurance. The way the Snapshot program works, you enroll with Progressive and then a device is sent to your location. You plug the device into the diagnostics port of your car according to the instructions you are provided, and then drive the car normally for a month. The Snapshot device sends data back to the insurance company regularly and you can monitor the results of your Snapshot device by logging into your insurance account. To get the most out of Snapshot, it will be important to monitor the number of miles you drive during the snapshot recording. If you must drive a lot of miles, especially if you use the vehicle for reasons that it would not normally be used, such as a trip out of state for a funeral, the Snapshot for your account is going to reflect a greater number of miles traveled. Your premiums will not increase based on the results of the Snapshot, but you could save money if the results are favorable. After driving normally with the Snapshot device installed for a month, you can elect to keep using the Snapshot program or go back to the old method of calculating your premiums. For some people, Snapshot may not be able to create a savings to make it worth having, but others could see a major reduction in the cost of their premiums by becoming enrolled in the Snapshot program. There are also other ways to get cheaper auto insurance that you should keep in mind as you experience different events in your life.