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Teenager Car Insurance - Simple Savings Tips

Teen car insurance is some of the most expensive insurance available. Teens are generally inexperienced drivers, and are often less attentive than older drivers. Whatever the reasons may be, adding a young driver to your insurance cans as much as double your premiums, so make sure to look for any discounts you can find to help offset the costs. It is more cost effective to add a teen driver to an existing policy than to purchase a new policy, and teens under 18 are not even allowed to purchase an individual policy Sedans Outshine Sports Cars Instead of driving a shiny new sports car, teen insurance would be cheaper if the choice were an older 4-door sedan. If the car could be purchased for cash, you could even omit some extra coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage. You could also skip GAP insurance, a type of coverage that pays the dealership if the car is totaled and money is still owed. By eliminating coverage that you dont need, you can reduce the cost of premiums and compensate for the cost of being a young driver. Defensive Driving Discounts Taking a defensive driving course or driver's education course shows insurance companies that a teenager is more knowledgeable about safe driving and experienced compared to the average teen driver. Completing one of these types of classes can usually reduce insurance premiums for teenagers. Get Good Grades Good grades are a great way to save money on teen auto insurance. If you can maintain a B average in school, the insurance company will give you a discount on your coverage to honor your responsible behavior. You can also get a discount by passing a driver education course. Insurance companies offer these discounts to reward you for taking an active interest in being a better driver. Smart Shopping Saves Shop around online to find the best insurance company for your teen. Compare policies and prices using online insurance quotes. This lets you look at several popular companies side by side, and find the one that offers the best coverage and the most discounts. Best of all, you can get online insurance quotes whenever you want without taking time out of your day to make calls or visit multiple offices. About the Author: is an avid writer and content specialist for US Insurance Agents. John authors articles and other content for the company's insurance websites. Google+