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Top Car Insurance Companies

Trying to determine the best car insurance company will depend in part on how you are comparing the companies. If customer service is the primary goal, you may get a completely different answer than comparing the cost of policies or the market share of the company. While the same companies may show up on all lists, the positions for the companies will vary. Top Car Insurance Company by Market Share Keep in mind that the following list indicates companies with the highest national market share. In regional markets, these statistics may be offset by localized companies which have high market shares in their region, but are overshadowed by national providers outside their business range.
  1. State Farm -- 18.7%
  2. Allstate -- 10.2%
  3. Geico -- 8.5%
  4. Progressive -- 7.7%
  5. Farmers Insurance -- 6.0%
  6. Liberty Mutual -- 4.5%
  7. USAA -- 4.4%
  8. Nationwide Insurance -- 4.2%
  9. Travelers Insurance -- 2.1%
  10. American Family Insurance -- 2.0%
Top Car Insurance Company by Customer Service If customer service is your primary concern, the list may look somewhat different. Keep in mind, though, that having the most market share means giving customers what they want, so leading companies will generally be included in both market share and customer service rankings, although their positions may change. Top Car Insurers by Policy Value Obviously, companies with a much higher market share than their closest competitors will have higher premiums values. But when the share of market saturation is more closely matched, the value of policies written can differ significantly, based on the requirements of the states policies are sold in, customers attracted to the company, and other demographic factors.
  1. State Farm -- $50,808,635
  2. Allstate -- $24,796,256
  3. Liberty Mutual -- $21,483,996
  4. Geico -- $21,358316
  5. Travelers Insurance -- $20,594,458
  6. AIG Insurance -- $19,687,720
  7. Nationwide Insurance -- $14,489,531
  8. Progressive -- $14,476,676
  9. Farmers Insurance -- $14,129,512
  10. USAA -- $10,679,414