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What Your Insurance Company Won't Tell You

Your insurance agent may be on your side and get you the best insurance quotes, but that doesn't mean they will always be 100% honest with you. It isn't that they may outright lie, but there's a good chance that some information will be left out or like any sales process, you'll be given a rosier picture than reality. Insurance Coverage Between the Lines You could end up in a situation where you think that your insurance policy covers a particular incident, only to find out, too late, that it does not. Remember that it is your responsibility to have an adequate knowledge of what you are and are not covered for in your insurance policy. In addition to being aware of what you are covered for, you should also remember that insurance adjusters, no matter how friendly they might seem, are not on your side. The adjusters work for the insurance company and are paid to settle claims for the lowest amount possible. Exclusions and Limitations You may even have an insurance policy that is labeled as being "full-featured. Be aware that there can be a lot of loop-holes, exceptions, clauses and exclusions on these policies that you may not know about. These things help to provide your insurance company with a way out of paying for some claims. Check your policy to make sure that any value limits that are specific fall in line with what is considered acceptable within the insurance industry. Claims and Your Deductible Even if you are in an accident where the damages didn't even exceed your deductible and the insurance company did not have to pay on the claim, don't think that there are no consequences to that accident. Any accident that you are in that is equal to your minimum deductible usually has an affect on the car's value, and can have an impact on your insurance policy. Remember to avoid filing a claim at all in most cases where you are going to be performing the repairs. Adjusters Work For the Insurance Company As I touched upon above, don't get the wrong idea about an insurance adjuster if they attempt to buddy-up to your or if they seem to feel sorry for you. These people are on the insurance company's payroll, they are not there for you. It is their job to reduce payouts on claims or even to deny some claims altogether. Don't give any unnecessary information to the adjuster because they can use anything that you tell them against you. Stay away from chit chat with the adjusters and let them do their job. File Claims Directly Even if you agent insists that you call them first when filing a claim, you may want to call the insurance company directly instead. Doing so may speed up the filing of your claim. You should, however, tell your agent about the situation after it has been taken care of. Getting your agent involved in the process too early may slow things down considerably. Homeowners Beware Unfenced swimming pools, 'vicious' dogs, trampolines and other potential safety risks can be grounds for you homeowners insurance company to drop your coverage. As always, before you buy a homeowner's policy, or any legally binding document, be sure of what is covered, what is left out and any ambiguous language that could cause a problem down the road. You want to make sure that you understand what you are, and are not, covered for by your policy.